Who are we?

Van Cruiser Caravans has earned its reputation for building superior quality caravans, backed up with exceptional service and customer support. Our practical knowledge gained from using our caravans on and off road combined with our passion and commitment to our product ensure that the construction process of each van is at the highest standard.


Van Cruiser Caravans crafts each caravan with unmatched dedication, blending robust construction methods and innovative design to withstand the test of time.

Our commitment to quality begins with selecting top-tier chassis suppliers, integrating advanced suspension systems, and utilizing one-piece plywood flooring for durability. Our caravans’ frames, insulated with cutting-edge materials, ensure comfort in any climate. With industry-leading exterior panels and bespoke power solutions for off-grid adventures, every detail is meticulously designed for ultimate performance and luxury.

Experience the Van Cruiser difference, where craftsmanship meets adventure.

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Our caravans reflect a commitment to quality, customer-centric service, and innovation in every detail.
Trust in our proven track record and let us guide you to your next adventure.

Excellent Quality

Our skilled builders showcase superior craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail in each meticulously constructed caravan.

Strong Relationships

We prioritize client relationships, attentively listening to your needs from the start to fulfil every expectation.

Unique Designs

Van Cruiser commits to creating distinctive caravans with top-quality materials and innovative designs in every model.

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Ready to start your next adventure? Don’t delay! Explore how Van Cruiser caravans can enhance your travels.
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