Why us?

Choose Van Cruiser for our exceptional build quality, innovative designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We combine skilled craftsmanship with durable materials to create caravans that are built to last.

Our unique approach ensures each model meets the individual needs of our customers, providing a comfortable, reliable home away from home. Trust us for your next adventure – where quality, innovation, and service converge.

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We can’t tell you all our secrets, but here’s an insight into our construction methods and how
Van Cruiser Caravans are built to stand the test of time.


As the foundation for our caravans, Van Cruiser has built a trusted relationship with our quality chassis suppliers, to construct every chassis based on the design of each individual model. Our chassis’ are specially engineered to suit our unique build process for our frame and composite panels, which gives the structure of the caravan superior strength and stability.


Cruisemaster ATX is the very best possible suspension to go under your caravan. Designed from the ground up by Cruismasters in-house engineering team, this system screams performance where ever you look. The ATX suspension is built for a lifetime of adventures and you will stress less with a heavy duty build less likely to run into problems out on the tracks. A sturdy 63mm stub axle, extra-large 3.3T VC bearing combination, premium monotube dampers and lockable toe and camber adjusters means you can spend more time enjoying your adventures and less time dealing with overheated components and maintenance.


The floor is one of the most important aspects of your caravan and has a big impact on durability and overall quality. Van Cruiser lays a One Piece plywood floor which has an ABS coating on the underside of the van. This ABS coating provides an added layer of protection for waterproofing and protection from stone damage, and forms an integral part of the caravan. The specialist design and absence of joins in the One Piece floor means it doesn’t squeak, sag or rot and the floor covering won’t lift or tear.


The sturdy frame structure is constructed with Meranti timber which is a lightweight stable timber not inclined to bend, twist or warp and allows for controlled expansion and contraction in Australia’s climatic extremes. All four walls are fixed to the inside of the chassis and the outriggers are designed to minimise flex throughout the structure of the caravan.


The roof is tightly packed with wool insulation and the body of the caravan is covered in polystyrene foam. With this insulation throughout the entire caravan and also the high density insulated core of the aluminium composite panels, we are able to achieve a triple insulation factor which is designed to keep your van cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


Van Cruiser are the industry leaders when it comes to our outer skin Aluminium composite panels. The panels are bonded to the frame, giving the structure superior strength due to this lamination process. They have a three layer composite structure, the top and bottom layers are covered with Aluminium sheets and the central core is a high density polyethylene. The composite panels are easy to maintain and are high in strength with excellent insulation.


Free camping is all about the freedom that this lifestyle offers and finding those camping spots that take your breath away. We set you up with battery and solar pack combinations designed to keep your van running independently and efficiently when access to power is not available. We offer many solutions which we tailor to your specific travel needs with AGM or Lithium batteries to run the 12V system, paired with roof mounted solar panels to keep the juice in your batteries charged.


Our team of experienced builders and tradesman are so particular about their workmanship that the highest level of care is taken for every van we build. Our cabinets and furniture are made from high quality, lightweight solid ply which are screwed and glued into position to ensure high strength with flexibility. We use the highest quality struts, hinges and catches on the doors and heavy duty drawer runners to provide long lasting durability and functionality.


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